Monday, March 10, 2008

It's a BOY!

Dear Family and Friends,

We went yesterday to the high risk pregnancy specialist for the structural defects ultrasound. He said the measurements for the cerebrum and fluid (too much fluid is caused by diabetes) are all in range with where they should be. He also said the spinal cord and facial structures look good! We did inquire about carrying full term. He told us that usually with diabetic patients they usually do not let them carry longer than 38 weeks. This would put us to deliver around mid July which means we only have 18 weeks left! WAHOO!!

He seems concerned about the blood clots that I had in 2004. So, we are watching this closely and will probably increase the lovanox (blood thinner) in the 3rd trimester. We also discussed increasing my insulin soon, since my blood sugars have been a bit higher this last week. And, my blood sugar actually dropped the day of TAKS to 59!! I am certain that test was too much for us both. After sugar and some food, it went back up. Scary!!!

We will see this doctor every 4 weeks until the baby is born.

This was the first ultrasound where the baby was actually resting for a few, very few minutes. After a while, the baby was squirming all over again! BUT...after searching around to double check, it turns out that we are having a BOY!!!!

Apparently, it was hiding at our last ultrasound. We are SUPER excited and can't wait to meet him! ;) I think we have had a boy name picked out for about 4 years now! haa! However, we were working hard on a girl's name already.

With all of this, yesterday morning I woke up with a bacterial infection in my left eye. After seeing the eye doctor, I started the antibiotic and hoped for the best. Then, this morning not only could I not get the left eye open, but my right eye is now infected (and I have a sore throat and major sinus pressure). I went back to the eye doctor today for more medicine. Hopefully, the mucus, swelling, and redness will be healed in the next week.

We wanted to include as much detail as we could in this email because we need your prayers for many things.

Please pray for...
the insulin and lovanox to continue to work
our strength to get to all of these doctor's appointments
my immune system to hang in there (sometimes I am not sure how much it can handle)
the continuation of Stephen's good health reports
the ultrasound at 26 weeks for the baby's heart
the contnued good reports on the baby's structural growth
our faith in Him to stay strong

We are so blessed to have all of you in our lives. The news we received yesterday was a blessing! We really appreciate all of your prayers. They are being heard. Please continue to keep us on your prayer list. And, if you know any prayer warriors that I may have left off this list, then please forward this on. We wil continue to keep you updated on everything! Thank you so much for all of your prayers and undying support.

We miss all of you dearly!
God Bless,
Laurie, Stephen and Stratton Kyle (we have attached the latest ultrasound picture)

"I can do everything through Him who gives me strength."
-Philippians 4:13